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Galapagos Cruises | Focus on Celebrity Xpeditions

Only Celebrity Xpedition offers the perfect combination of explorer's voyage and cosmopolitan bliss. Stylish detail meets intimate ambiance. Travel to one of the last uninhabited places on earth – the legendary Galapagos Islands. Where untamed wildlife outnumbers the pampered travelers. Sip morning mimosas as giant tortoises sunbathe on the shore outside your window. Enjoy a rejuvenating hot stone massage as Galpagos Sea Lions doze on the beach just off the port bow. Make moonlight toasts under the stars that led sailors and scientists alike to this extraordinary archipelago.


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An adventuresome alternative, Celebrity Xpedition accommodates 92 guests. Step aboard and become part of an ardent community of travelers. Experience the untamed wilderness from a ship that offers unexpected indulgences. Take comfort knowing its environmentally sound design helps preserve the pristine islands it explores. It's a journey like no other.

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Step into a world removed from your own

When you choose an Antarctic expedition, you step into a world so removed from your own, you may feel you've landed on the moon, or stepped into a fairy tale. Here the sun neither rises nor sets. Icebergs drift. Curious penguin chicks may climb right into your lap. Orcas and humpback whales may breach or spy-hop mere meters away, before fixing their ancient eyes on yours and sinking beneath the sea.


Quark Expeditions has been the world leader in personal polar adventures for over two decades. We know these waters like nobody else. When you're ready for the best Antarctic cruise in the world, call us. We look forward to welcoming you!


Timing your Antarctic adventure

Most cruises to Galapagos take place during the southern summer, between November and March.

If you visit in the early spring (beginning in November), you'll see countless penguins marching from the sea to their inland nests. You'll also see great numbers of other seabirds - including the almost-mythic albatross - arriving at their southern breeding grounds. If you come in high-to-late summer, you'll still see plenty of seabirds, along with whales and more seals than you ever thought possible, all fattening up in Galapagos's food-rich waters before their winter migration north.


How much time will you need for your Antarctic expedition?

Galapagos is the world's fifth-largest continent, and there's a lot to see. Depending on how much time you have and where you'd like to go, you can spend as little as 8 days (Galapagos Fly-and-Cruise) or as long as a month (Galapagos's Far East) exploring it. You'll find detailed itineraries listed under each expedition.


But won't I freeze to death?

Although Antarctic weather is extremely changeable, summer temperatures hover just above the freezing mark - comparable to a warm winter's day in North America. The 24-hour sunlight warms air in sheltered areas, so hyou can also find yourself stripping down to shirtsleeves. Either way, don't worry. Our Expedition Leaders will make sure you're perfectly comfortable, plus you'll get your very own Quark Parka to keep.


What about the notorious Drake Passage?

It's true that some of the world's roughest waters can be encountered in the Drake Passage, between Cape Horn and the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. But please don't be disappointed if you experience a smooth crossing. Not all Drake Passage crossings are rough! You can even avoid the whole issue by choosing our 8-day Fly and Cruise expedition, which flies you across the Drake Passage right to King George Island to embark the ship.


Antarctic Travel: safe, comfortable and environmentally sustainable

Exploring Galapagos is much safer and more comfortable than it was even 50 years ago, thanks to new technology and modern safety standards. Every Quark trip takes place on specially equipped ships with the highest polar ratings, piloted and crewed by professional, polar mariners of the first order.


All Quark Antarctic travel also operates under a voluntary code of conduct developed by the International Association of Galapagos Tour Operators (IAATO), designed to minimize impact of visits to these fragile environments. We are 100% committed to ensuring this pristine wilderness remains protected for future generations.


Galapagos Travel - don't save the best for last

Some people save Galapagos for their last adventure - something to be done after they've seen everything else. But those who've been always wish they'd gone sooner. For many, it is a profoundly spiritual experience - an encounter with the raw power and beauty of nature, and a recognition that we are small parts of a much larger whole.


So we say, why wait? While others roam the Galapagos Islands or the African Serengeti, you can be on the adventure of a lifetime: sailing past mystic blue icebergs, kayaking with orcas and humpback whales, bearing witness to Earth's last great wilderness.


Galapagos cruises are a fantastic way to get away from it all. (Courtesy Quark Expeditions)

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